Monday, March 21, 2011


Alright it is official! I am the worst blogger! Here is to hoping for more posts from the Alton family!

I am glad to say we are past our busy birthday season. 3 birthdays in 3 months is to much especially since 2 of them fall 2 weeks apart! Nathan and I will need to plan better IF we add another!

Hailee kicks the birthday season off December 30th turning 7. We had a tea party with whom she invited 5 close friends and her Sister. It was very entertaining to watch these little girls all dressed up! They were so silly! We had so much fun!

Pinkie fingers up!

Each "little lady" got their own tea pot (with hot coco of course) and food platters.

This is one of my favorite cakes I have made! I had someone at the tea shop compare me to Cake Boss! I wouldn't go that far but I will take the compliment! The cake was perfect for the occasion!

Sorry the pictures are all out of order.

Next up Cole! I can't believe it but my baby is 2! Boy has it gone fast! He is all about trucks these days! Every time we are in the car he feels the need to point out EVERY truck and EVERY bus including tractors. Every time he sees one I HAVE to respond with yes, Cole I see the truck or whatever it may be. We celebrated with first an immediate family party (the day of) and then an extended family party the next day with grand parents and cousins who live close. We didn't have a theme but everything was centered around trucks.

Cole LOVED his cake! Can you tell?

He also loved "helping" make the cup cakes!

Cole's favorite gifts from us were his pots and pans and his power drill. He loves to "help" me cook! Every chance he gets he pushes the chair from the dining room to the kitchen to climb the counter to my mixer (little stinker)! Now that he has his own pots and pans I don't have to fight to use much.

The cup cakes were from the first celebration. I love this picture!

Moving on to Caid's Party! She is my girlie tomboy who is now 5. She is so funny! We made my nephew a superhero cape for Christmas and ever since she wanted a cape of her own, which turned into 12 capes for her and her friends. It was a lot of work but so worth it to see all these cuties running around in their capes.

We sent the Superhero's on a scavenger hunt to find their missing power bands stollen by the evil Villain! Once recovered, their powers were restored/revealed to them and they went onto defeat the Villain.....

It was hillarious when Nathan jumped out in this get up. All the "Superhero's" atacked him with their super powers and paper balls. It was so much fun! Nathan literally was jumped by 11 kids!

This was another fun one to make. If you look closely you can see a big gash in the front of the cake. 20 minutes before the party Cole decided it was time to cut into the cake. It was a good thing I entered the room when I did! For the most part I was able to repair the damage that was done.

I laughed so hard when Caidance opened this gift which is for her American Girl Doll, a friends daughter Sofia said (thinking it was for Caid to where) "looks like someones Daddy was doing the laundry"! It still makes me laugh!

We had a great party season and now I am going to enjoy the spring season that is slowly but surely coming. It can't come soon enough!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


After many requests I am am posting some of the cakes I have done over the last few months. At Christmas Nathan gifted me cake decorating classes. The gift that keeps giving! My family has enjoyed my learning process!

It has been a fun learning experience. I wish I had more time to practice.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lots of happenings with us!

So it has been way to long! I wanted to post at least monthly but we have been so busy lately! So now I get to play catch up.

February 20th Cole turned one! He is such a sweet little guys... always making us laugh and being silly! It is amazing how times fly! Here are some pics that I just l LOVE of him and yes Cole LOVES his food!

Caidance turned 4 just a couple weeks later here are pics from you b-day.

Caidance's party theme was "Princess and The Frog". We had the cutest outfit picked out for her to wear but at the last minute she changed her mind and wore her Mini Mouse dress. It was super cute but didn't match the theme but at least she was happy! Her favorite gift was a skate board! She loves it and keeps talking about all the cool tricks she will learn to do when she gets older. I am glad she keeps saying "older" and not trying to master them yet. :) So far we have been lucky and had no injuries! Keep your fingers crossed for us...please!

Two weeks later we went to Disneyland! We had such a good time! The girls are at the perfect age for this. Everything was so magical for Caidance and Hailee loved all the rides I love! I am thrilled because now I have a buddy to ride with. Nathan's stomach can't handle the roller coasters very well anymore.:(

We met up with my whole family (except Brienne) while we were there. IT was great to see everyone. I wish we all lived in the same state!

This is Cole and my brother's baby Brady. Aren't these hats adorable?!! My sister Maleah made them!

Nathan got picked to go up on the stage at a show we went to. It was pretty funny! There were 3 guys call up on the stage where they were asked a series of questions by this she/man while blind folded . At the end of all of the questions he/she had to pick a man to marry. Nathan was picked! No worries though Nathan won't be getting remarried anytime soon! When Nathan's blind fold was removed he so was so appalled he ran off the stage. It was pretty funny! Maybe Nathan should have taken up a career in acting!

The Girls favorite activity while there was sitting down to have dinner in Ariel's Grotto where the princess's came and greeted us. Their favorite was Aurora she gave them a lesson in princess Twirling!

We met up with my Grandmother and Uncle Peter from my Mom's side.

And we met up with Granny, Papa, Aunt Tracy and her kids from my Dad's side!

Man I could go on and on. All in all we had a fun, exhausting, magical week! The week after returning Caidance asked if "we could do it again"? She didn't like my response much... "We'll do it again in a few years". As a matter a fact she is sitting next to me right now and asking "can we go again"?